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OMB x APJ Mentorship Program


Owning My Blackness


The APJ Foundation has partnered with Owning My Blackness to offer a mentorship program to the at Risk Youth. 

Owning My Blackness (OMB) is a brand that works to educate, advocate and elevate for black students.  The brand has two sister branches underneath it, Owning My Blackness, the organization and Owning My Blackness Consulting, a for-profit business. Owning My Blackness the organization serves as a mentorship network that connects students in k-12 and higher education. The program consists of helping students raise their grade in the classroom while also helping them get their foot in the door in the college and professional world. In addition the students in the program learn Black History and how it still plays a role in trends we see in society today.  It also includes helping students feel accepted within their communities while having fun. OMB is open to students of all races with a primary focus of helping black students. OMB is currently partnering with the APJ Foundation to provide mentorship to the youth in York Pennsylvania.

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Join Now! 

APJ x OMB has rolling enrollment! Just shoot us an email to get started! 

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What Does The Youth Get From This Program?

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Workforce Development


Black History and Entrepreneurship Lessons




Event Planning

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